The History of Brand Russell-Crow

The brand Russell-Crow was pioneered by two college students who are intensely involved in the sporting world, most importantly track and field. OWAYNE RUSSELL & AMINIKI LEWIN the founders of the phenomenon on the date, on September 11, 2016. Where the name Russell-Crow was given to OWAYNE RUSSELL a budding track star over the 400m events by the world 2nd fastest human beings over the 100m and 200m events respectively. However because of his unique image and personality Yohan Blake decided to call him “The Crow”, that which the vast population of his club mates and training partner would call him. As a result it was seen as more than just a nick name for Russell and his management team, it was seen as a brand that is very much different to the nature of track and field. Hence, they decided to run with the brand “Russell-Crow” lately Russell and his team has decided to bring the brand RussellCrow to life by producing a clothing line and a 2018 sports/ model calendar. The prospective track star has always seen himself as the face for many entities but before so he chose to be the face of his own organization. He was at a point in his career where he was seeking endorsements but it wasn’t possible as he was not running the fastest times to get himself signed so he and his team, one of who happens to be his best friend Aminiki Lewin created their own brand.