Owayne Russell former Dinthill student who got transferred to the Jamaica College in 2015 to participate in the High School boys and girls championships. Owayne Russell is now attending the University Of The West Indies where he is doing a degree in Tourism Management, Owayne is also a member of the most remarkable track club in Jamaica and the World at large (RACERS TRACK CLUB) Coached by Dr. The Honorable Glen MIlls. The young adult who is now 20 years old who was born on November 19, 1995 was inspired by his Childhood friend (Aminiki Lewin) who is now his prospective Manager to start what was always a dream for them both ever since they were kids. It was said by Owayne that his biggest motivation comes from within the root of this family namely Orlando Thompson (Father), Francine Thompson (Mother), (Fayannah and Carlos Thompson) his Brother and Sister.