Russell-Crow T-shirt

A Russell-Crow T-shirt, rooting from brand Russell-Crow, is a one of a kind T- shirt with a crow attached just above the name Russell neatly stitched to a thick cotton wool material in black and yellow. The Russell- Crow logo is embedded to the left of the T-shirt. The t-shirt also has a set of 3 buttons lined from the center of the chest straight up to the collar. To each sides of the T-shirt there are 2 splits resting in line with the hips. To the center of the right sleeve of the RussellCrow T- shirt, is neatly imprinted “Russell-Crow” in a silky, Synthetic black treaded material. This T-shirt is inspired by college student who believes that this wear should be worn exclusively by college student and track athletes. This T-shirt is a semi-formal but sporty wear which can be worn in any occasion. This design was made with the comfort of everyone in mind.

Russell-Crow Hats

The Russell-crow sports hat are custom made caps and hats designed for the comfort of both male and female in a single fit. The hat has a unique stitching of a crow neatly attached above the name “Russell” and to the right side of the hat stylishly imprinted “Crow”. Also the RussellCrow hats displays a one of a kind image, one which is much different from your ordinary hats. This sports hat was made for no single fashion, it could be worn in any given garment. This hat was specially yet perfectly designed for college students and track athletes, Russell-crow hats will also be featured at events and fundraisers. These caps will give off a highly sophisticated but sporty look. There will be Russell-crow hats in multiple colors depending on your likeness.

Russell-Crow Calendar

The Russell-Crow Foundation who plans to endorse their personal brand on a Sports/ Model calendar poised for its release late 2017, early 2018 is on the verge of kicking off the ball with a bang. Where the calendar which will consist of only six (6) professional photos, with the intentions of telling a very brief but intense story of how a young black Jamaican country boy made his way into the professional world of track and field, who has the dream and perseverance to change the idea of the Game into something the world could reckon for. The racers track club athlete who has an appearance of his own, a goldish-brown streak of coloring rushing through the center of his hair. Russell has all intentions of making his calendar a hit. This work of art will be opened to everyone who are interested in sports and model typed statues.